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please note, we do not take orders: 

our pastries are available on a first-come, first-served basis

Each day, we bake a variety of viennoiserie, scones, cookies, and desserts.

See daily menu below, plus our weekly loaf cake schedule, and ice cream!

daily and weekly pastries

Most of our pastries are available when we open, some are baked in the afternoon.

  • morning bun

  • walnut morning bun*

  • gibassier - orange brioche

  • almond croissant*

  • chocolate pistachio croissant*

  • bostok* - almond brioche

  • scones (seasonal, see below)

available in our morning bake:

seasonal scones:

  • shortcake biscuit

  • blueberry currant scone

  • parmesan & black pepper scone

available in our morning bake, & in our afternoon bake:

  • chocolate croissant

  • plain​ croissant

  • gruyère cheese croissant

  • ham & cheese croissant

available daily in our afternoon bake:

  • chocolate pretzel croissant

  • pretzel croissant

  • orange chignon

scones - 2.jpeg
Classic Croissant Box.jpg
ham&cheese croiss 1.jpeg
parm scone 2.jpeg
vien - 3.jpeg

loaf cake schedule

Each day we make a different type of loaf-sized tea cake, available at open. 

This menu is subject to change / sometimes we sell out, for specific availability give us a call.

ice cream, sherbet, sorbet

In 2018, we started selling house-made ice cream.

Everything is done in-house; the flavor creation, the mixing, spinning and packing of pints.​ 

Our current flavors are:

  • Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

  • Triple Berry Sherbet


updated 6/10/24

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